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Who We Are

The founding members of SRM have been responsible for developing and operating more than 40 amateur recreation facilities across the United States.

Our past successes include:

– Big League Dreams Sports Parks
– American Sports Centers
– Sandlot Sports Academies
– And others

The SRM Team

Tad Powers

VP – Community Benefits

Don Webber

VP – Business Development

Jim Thrift

Operations Mgr – East Coast


Cities and states brace for economic ‘reckoning’, eyeing major cuts and fearing federal coronavirus aid isn’t enough…Many, already cash-strapped, are now in dire straits, facing plunging tax revenue and spiking costs.

Cities and states brace for economic ‘reckoning’, eyeing major cuts and fearing federal coronavirus aid isn’t enough…Many, already cash-strapped, are now in dire straits, facing plunging tax revenue and spiking costs.

By: Tony Romm April 10, 2020 at 10:50 a.m. PDT New York could lose $10 billion in tax revenue. Pennsylvania has ceased paying 9,000 stuck-at-home state employees to save cash. In Illinois, an unprecedented crisis is brewing thanks to billions of dollars in unpaid...

Why Parks and Recreation are Essential Public Service

Why Parks and Recreation are Essential Public Service

Parks and recreation have three values that make them essential services to communities: Economic value Health and Environmental benefits Social importance Just as water, sewer, and public safety are considered essential public services, parks are vitally important to...


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What We Do

Sports Renovation and Management enters Facilities Management Agreements to operate public recreation facilities, thereby reducing our government partners’ financial burden while providing well-maintained and regularly visited facilities.

Our project analyses, which precede a Facilities Management Proposal, include the following:

Market Research

Determine your market size including existing and potential teams in various sports, age groups, and price points of other facilities in your region.

Economic Impact Studies

Calculate the economic impact your region can expect through the addition of an SRM-operated facility.

Feasibility Studies

Perform research and analyses necessary to determine if your market can support an upgraded facility including; operational pro forma, market rate study, assessment of competition, etc.

Site Analysis

Review facility site(s) to ascertain location, visibility, accessibility, issues related to neighboring property owners, traffic concerns, lighting concerns, etc.


Communicate with elected officials, staff, local sports organizations and neighborhood groups to ensure the community’s needs and concerns are addressed.

Value Engineering/Design

Work with the architectural design team to help identify cost-effective design, construction, and green technology applications to reduce costs, add value and increase playability.


Beginning early in the project, provide communication to the region with respect to the features and benefits of your “re-born” recreation facility.

Public Meetings

Attend and present at public meetings, council meetings, and community meetings as needed to foster support and achieve a positive outcome.

What Agencies Are Saying

“The U.S. youth-sports economy…is now a $15.3 billion market, according to WinterGreen Research, a private firm that tracks the industry. And the pot is rapidly getting bigger. According to figures…the nation’s youth-sports industry has grown by 55% since 2010.”

(Time Magazine, August 2017)

“Team sports continued to gain momentum, adding 2% from 2015 and averaging a 5% increase over the last three years.”

(2016 Sports Participation Report by the Physical Activity Council)


“Tourism depends on attractions…In most communities, primary attractions are sports tournaments, festivals, parks, and major recreation facilities operated by park and recreation departments. However, most stakeholders remain unaware of park and recreation departments’ role in tourism.”

(John L. Crompton Distinguished Professor of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, Regents Professor, Texas A&M)


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