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What Agencies Are Saying

“The U.S. youth-sports economy…is now a $15.3 billion market, according to WinterGreen Research, a private firm that tracks the industry. And the pot is rapidly getting bigger. According to figures…the nation’s youth-sports industry has grown by 55% since 2010.”

(Time Magazine, August 2017)

“Team sports continued to gain momentum, adding 2% from 2015 and averaging a 5% increase over the last three years.”

(2016 Sports Participation Report by the Physical Activity Council)


“Tourism depends on attractions…In most communities, primary attractions are sports tournaments, festivals, parks, and major recreation facilities operated by park and recreation departments. However, most stakeholders remain unaware of park and recreation departments’ role in tourism.”

(John L. Crompton Distinguished Professor of Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences, Regents Professor, Texas A&M)